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Virtual meeting with an online booking system

Online Booking Systems

You may be considering adding an online booking form system to your site simply to streamline your business. There are other benefits too, whether your customers are reserving seats, making appointments or booking consultations, your website booking form has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Benefits are better than you think

A booking form adds more value than simply enabling your business to run more efficiently. Whether you’re a band booking gigs, or you offer fitness classes, or you need a dentist booking form, your business will enjoy these 4 benefits:

  • Your business is always open for reservations and orders.
  • Your business will get more bookings and keep customers happy when you remove the bottleneck of phone booking.
  • Your booking form will reduce no-shows when you require pre-payment upon booking.
  • Well-designed booking forms will upsell by giving recommendations.

Tailored for your business

Any good web design company will tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all booking form. Different types of businesses have different booking requirements, booking forms should be tailored. For instance a hair salon's booking form, physiotherapist booking form, and psychologist booking form will require different information.

A hair salons booking form may require the client to indicate whether they would like a cut or a cut-and-colour. The booking form will automatically work out the length of time that should be allocated. A physiotherapist booking form could ask whether the appointment is for a new injury or a follow-up.

virtual meeting with an online booking system

Features your booking form should have

We ensure that your booking form has these essential features:

  • Legally Compliant: Users in the EU have data privacy rights. A website booking form system collects personal data (such as IP addresses), it must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. In other words, your form must request the customer’s consent before they are able to submit the booking form.
  • Quick and Easy: Nobody has time to waste, least of all your customer. They are using your booking form because it is more convenient than calling. If your form is slow to load, you could lose the booking.
  • Safe and Secure: Spam prevention is vital. Automated bots crawl unprotected forms looking for ways to exploit your website. All forms should include a form of spam prevention. An example would be Google reCAPTCHA.
Communication Channel

Preferred Communication Channel

There are only 3 steps to adding a booking form to your website:

Step 1: Create

Step 2: Customise

Step 3: Configure

Even so, not every small business owner has the resources or know-how to add a booking form to their website. On top of which, you don’t have the time to divert from actually running your business and servicing your customers or clients.

We are passionate about making your business work. As a web design company with 15 years’ collective experience, we have created dozens of tailored website booking form systems. We would love to make one for your business too.

For web design Carlow services call Green Apple Design today on
059 9120508 or email

For web design Carlow services call Green Apple Design today on 059 9120508 or email

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