5 BIG Myths About Social Media Marketing

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Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing? Or perhaps you haven’t yet started marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. Either way, when you know the truth, your social media marketing will be stronger and more successful.

Let’s start with the fundamentals:

What is Social Media Marketing?

A social media marketer will put out texts, posts, pictures, videos and other content with the intention of encouraging the target audience to engage. All of this will have your branding, including your logo identity.

Engagement takes many forms, and is often referred to as conversions. A social media marketer wants a reaction. Anything from liking, to sharing, to commenting, to shopping, to visiting your website: these are all valuable conversions.

Engagement can result in sales (first prize), building brand loyalty and getting honest feedback from customers. The power of reviews and feedback should never be underestimated. They work as well as word of mouth advertising.


5 Big Myths About Social Media Marketing

Myth 1: Your Business Does not need a Social Media Presence

No brand is too small or too big to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by social media. This kind of marketing isn’t reserved for big brands like Apple, Microsoft, or Google. Thing is: customers expect to find a business on social media. It works like a credibility check. If you’re there — and active — it means that you are still operating or open for business. This is equally true if you are selling products from an eCommerce website in carlow or a high street store.

Myth 2: Too Much Content Leaves Your Business Exposed and Vulnerable

Social media encourages conversation. Your conversations get better and better as your followers learn that they can trust you. And trust is one tiny step away from conversion.

But how do you build this trust in an ever-competitive world? One way is through sharing. Post niche content that clearly shows you know what you’re talking about. Make content that is valuable: give away tips and insider information.

Myth 3: A lot of Followers are Necessary to Engage in Social Media Marketing

While more followers means more exposure, there is no rule about how many you should have in order to be successful.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t try to put out interesting content that would engage your audience and encourage them to interact.

So, don’t buy followers. This is a wrong move that newbies make in their quest for an audience. An audience that isn’t built organically is probably made up of all sorts of people who are not necessarily your target audience.

Keep putting out branded, engaging, targeted content. Your audience will come.

Myth 4: Social Media Marketing is Strictly for Getting New Customers

Research by DDB Worldwide Communications Group LLC, an advertising agency, reveals that 84% of fans on company Facebook pages are past or current customers. As much as you can get new customers online, it is also an excellent way to promote a feeling of inclusiveness among your existing customers. That’s how you build brand loyalty.

Myth 5: Doing Your Social Media Marketing Yourself is Better than Outsourcing

A common argument is that someone outside your company doesn’t know your business well enough. Of course, you’ll always know more about your business and products than a marketing agency. Thing is: a marketing agency is bound to know more about how to communicate with your target customer. They’ll also know about taking advantage of your branding.

Outsourcing your social media marketing to professionals will leave you to concentrate on doing your job and running your business.


Social Media Marketing is a Secret Weapon

Yes! Social media marketing changes and grows as fast as the technology it relies on. For many business owners who are not marketing professionals, this landscape can be overwhelming. Staying on top of trends and marketplace dynamics is key.

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