Trading Online Voucher 2021

trading online voucher
Opening Shop on the Digital Corner

The recently expanded Trading Online Voucher Scheme will help your small business to pay for e-commerce web design services, enabling you to enter the world of online trading.

The costs associated with developing an e-commerce website is often the only factor prohibiting small enterprise owners from taking their businesses online. The Government’s National Digital Strategy offers assistance. The Trading Online Voucher is designed to help you to overcome financial barriers that prevent you from taking your business online.

If you are a past recipient of the voucher, you can now apply for a second voucher to finance upgrades to your digital marketing activities.


Your Local Enterprise Board is responsible for administering the scheme. In terms of the Trading Online Voucher, your small business will receive financial support amounting to €2,500. Your business only needs to contribute a minimum 50% co-funding payment.

You need to meet the following criteria to qualify for the voucher:
· Limited or minimal e-commerce presence
· 10 or less employees
· Less than €2m turnover
· Trading for at least six months
· Be within the area covered by your Local Enterprise Office

Cost Saving

A Trading Online Voucher will assist you to maximise your digital marketing efforts. In addition to financial support — which could mean funding of up to 50% — you and your staff will also receive free training and advice. to ensure you Understanding the online trading environment will give you a head start in e-commerce.

Given the possible benefits from online trading, the Trading Online Voucher is a highly prudent, low risk, investment opportunity.


The free training sessions cover topics like website development, digital marketing, social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The knowledge gained will enable you to successfully navigate the online environment and enable you to decide what is the best strategy for your online business.

The ability to make informed decisions puts you in total control of the process and affords you the freedom to develop your own vision.

e-Commerce Web Design

Many small businesses fail to reap the potential rewards from engaging in ecommerce. Maybe it’s because you doubt online potential, or you can see the benefits, but you are not sure where or how to start. Green Apple Design has helped many businesses set up an e-commerce Website ensuring their digital doors are never closed for business.

The potential benefits of a well designed e-commerce website are vast because you will reach targeted consumers and clients anywhere in the world.


SEO is the term used to describe the efforts that go into making your content noticeable by the Google Search Algorithm. At Green Apple Design we believe that, if done right from the start, and with a clear content strategy, SEO is a powerful driving force to increase organic website traffic without having to outspend your competition on advertisements.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses all your efforts related to drawing online attention. Your e-commerce site must be easy to find, easy to navigate, and designed as a hard working sales site that is supported by digital marketing. Green Apple Design specialises in the following broad categories:
· SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
· Content Creation
· Social Media Campaigns
· Email Marketing

Second Voucher

Has your business already received a Trading Online Voucher? You may qualify for a second. This second voucher is intended to fund upgrades like these:
· Adding payment facilities
· Adding booking systems
· Developing Apps
· Subscribe to retail platform solutions

The Trading Online Voucher is the perfect opportunity to take your business into the world of Trading Online, with minimal risk and expenditure.

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