How to Expand your services online during a pandemic

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The current socio-economic scenario that we are facing right now due to COVID-19 has forced many brick-and-mortar businesses to close their doors.

To some, this may be the end. To others, COVID-19 has shown them a new alternative to selling their products and services, and that is through eCommerce.

Many studies are proving how the economy has shifted to the online world and how this trend is still expected to continue even after the virus is under control.

So, how can you benefit from this opportunity too?

Firstly, you will need to have a website designed or updated that is capable of selling your products or services.

If you are one of those people who just tremble at the thought of anything website design related, don’t worry. Green Apple Design offer web design services in Carlow, and are here to help shift your business to the online world successfully.

Are you interested in expanding your services online?

Let’s look at the top 3 benefits of adopting this strategy for your business:

#1 It’s Convenient and Safe!

By shifting your business to the online world you are ensuring your consumers the safety they need to protect themselves from the virus as much as possible.

Buying online was always a commodity, but nowadays, it’s also a necessity to protect our own health.

What’s more, by shifting to the online world, you are also securing the continuity of your own business.

Since people can’t leave their homes, you need to breach this gap by transporting your goodies to them instead.

#2 Never Stop Selling

When you have an online store, you don’t need to worry about opening and closing hours anymore.

You can have your store running 24/7, 365 days of the year and, by doing this, you are increasing your chances for conversions, since people have a wider range of opportunity to visit your site and make their purchases from you.

#3 Grow Exponentially

If you can guarantee international shipping, your online store can help you reach markets you had never dreamed of.

When you have a physical store you are limited to a specific amount of people finding it, primarily due to proximity. When you go online this barrier is lifted and basically anyone with an internet connection and interest in what you have to offer can find you and, therefore, buy from you.

The best part is that it doesn’t require a huge technical effort from you once you have it all set up and running. We provide training via video conferencing where necessary that empower you to you operate the website with ease. We specialise in wordpress web design services, which are straightforward content management systems to manage, update and provide fast speeds for high google rankings.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of expanding your services online during this pandemic are substantial and far-reaching. Remaining competitive and ahead of your rivals has never been more vital.

If you’ve never given web design much thought, don’t worry as a web design studio in Carlow we’re here to help and assist you along the way, from everything to hosting, design and email marketing.

As the number one WordPress web design services specialists in the market, be sure to contact Green Apple Design today.


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