Why Responsive Web Design is so Important

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The market for mobile devices nowadays is massive. Over a billion people are using some form of mobile device to access information online all around the world. This in turn means people are accessing websites on different size devices. No matter what your business niche is, a mobile friendly website design will allow you to target consumers and sell services / products.

Here are some of main reasons why responsive design is so important for your online business

1. Mobile Usage Consistently Rising
These days most people access websites via a mobile device of some sort instead of a traditional desktop computer or laptop. Hubspot recently reported about 61% of customers perceive a brand in a positive light if the brand provides a strong mobile experience. Contrary to that, if your website experience is horrible it takes the consumers away to your competitors.

2. Google Favours Mobile Friendly Websites
Google has pushed aggressively towards a mobile first position in its indexing. This makes mobile responsiveness a must have for every website that aims for high ranking. Their algorithms check the mobile friendliness to decide upon the rankings of such websites. Which is why all business should switch to responsive web designs to obtain a more sustainable high ranking on Google.

3. Solid User Experience
Businesses want to impress consumers where possible and keep them engaged whilst visiting their website. A responsive web design guarantees this on all mobile devices. The layout, choice of colours, accessibility and other elements that shape the screen of the device. A single website is capable of providing the desired user experience on all platforms (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet etc). Customers will not feel frustrated and will likely spend more time on the website.

4. Speed Recommendations
The Google pagespeed guidelines expect websites to load within 2 seconds. More to the point, the website content above the fold ought to appear within 1 second on mobile displays but that will not be possible if your website is not responsive.

Nowadays most users will not be willing to wait longer than 3 seconds for content to appear on screen. If your website takes long than this, you will lose huge traffic. This will impact poorly on your SEO rankings, traffic conversion rate and naturally your revenue. Google pagespeeds Insights is a fantastic and free tool that helps you evaluate exactly how to further optimise your website speed on mobile or desktop.

5. Renewed Social Media Opportunities
People primarily access their social media accounts on their mobile device. Activities on social media platforms revolve around using your mobile device. Users are encouraged to share, like, comment on images, video etc. All these offer a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers and win any potential business. It’s not possible to have a successful social media strategy without considering mobile responsiveness in your plan. Your services, products, webpages etc ought to to sharable through a mobile device and this relies on your web design being mobile friendly.

6. Having a Strong Online Presence no Longer has a High Cost Entry Barrier
Responsive websites allow your webpage to automatically adapt to various mobile screen sizes. Navigation changes depending on the type of device. This wasn’t always possible as businesses had to create separate websites for mobile and desktop. This was usually cost prohibitive for most businesses to manage. Nowadays, the technology has evolved to the point whereby the development and maintenance cost are massively reduced. This has paved the way for greater user experience and return on investment.

7. Higher Sales
Mobile devices are built on the premise of convenience, ease of accessibility and communication. With a mobile friendly web design you are offering 24/7 access to your product / services to your potential consumers. This will massively improve the opportunity of converting website visits to sales. Users can be compelled to purchase a product, complete a contact form or sign up to your newsletter by following any number of call to actions on your website.

8. Make your Website Future Proof
It should come as no surprise that technology and global commerce tend to grow together. With those thoughts in mind, businesses the world over have to work towards improving the functions of technology and trends that come with it.

The market will continue to grow with ever evolving smartphones, wearable devices etc. A mobile responsive website will keep your online presence relevant through all the changes in the marketplace. Hence, your web designs remains capable of serving your business for years to come.

9. Stay ahead of Your Competitors
Another fantastic advantage is having a competitive edge in your market. Many websites still avoid the dominance of mobile, you can leave these websites well behind when considering competition and have brand power in your particular industry. Green Apple Design can make this possible for your business, delivering greater success to you and your online presence.

In Conclusion:
With that in mind, you now have all these reasons why your website ought to be mobile responsive. In this ever evolving and expanding market, forward looking business owners and managers can take this as an opportunity to propel their online presence. Scaling it up and achieving great success has never been easier and more cost effective.

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