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Our SEO Services are tailored to understand your business needs

By providing web design services in Carlow and Kilkenny, Green Apple Design has gained in-depth knowledge about the main driving forces behind successful digital strategies.

Our team’s expertise, in combination with the experience gained from implementing numerous successful content strategies, forms the solid basis for our reputation. We have become a sought after SEO company.

If you want your business’s digital marketing strategy to be a driving force for growth, SEO needs to form the basis of content creation.

Many companies still get this wrong. At Green Apple Design, we understand that SEO is not simply done by loading keywords to fool the Google Algorithm.

Ranking high in Google searches requires a concerted and focused effort on your company or organisation’s behalf.


We make your content work better

Search engine optimisation is the process whereby your website’s content is created and structured to be easily and preferentially catalogued by the Google Search Algorithm.

Content Strategy is the key. In the highly competitive environment of Google Search Rankings, you cannot afford to generate random content, hoping to get noticed.

Our SEO and web design services include optimising new or existing content for higher Google search rankings. Here are some of the SEO services we offer:

  • Keyword Research – We identify the most relevant keywords and phrases used as search terms by consumers looking for your products or services.
  • SEO Audit – We take an in-depth look at your website’s content and how it interacts with the Google Algorithm. This includes competitor analysis.
  • Technical SEO – We optimise your content for the Google Algorithm.
  • Onsite SEO – We format your content for better readability and visibility.
  • Offsite SEO – We generate external links to your website to drive traffic and build your authority.
  • Content Creation – We create fresh new content that will improve your search rankings and impress your visitors.

As a top SEO company, Green Apple Design works to ensure that your website ranks higher when users search your keywords


Benefits of optimising your content

The websites that appear in the top 5 positions on the search results page get over 60% of click throughs. Your only hope of achieving a top five position in organic search rankings is through optimising your content. The Google Algorithm must rate your content higher than your competitors.

The benefits of search engine optimised content is the peace of mind that your marketing budget is well spent. You need a good ROI. Increased web traffic is a powerful driving force for increased profitability and growth.

Your company’s digital efforts may be wasted if they are not in accordance with SEO principles. The same applies to NGOs or any other non-profit organisations. If your website is serving the purpose of creating visibility for you, then ignoring SEO will mean all those efforts are for naught.


We’re ready, are you?

As your premium stop for SEO Services in Carlow, our experienced team is standing by to raise your company’s visibility through better search rankings. If you’re thinking of upgrading your website, why not apply for the LEO online trading voucher. They offer a generous gift voucher for small to medium sized business. Apply today before the closing date!

We also have package deals that are based on a six month cycle, this gives you greater possibility of success. Our SEO services are charged on a monthly basis, no contract is required beyond this but it is strongly encouraged to stick to this length of a timeline for a greater possibility of your digital marketing strategy to succeed.


Call Green Apple Design today on 059 9120508 or email

Collectively, we have over 15 years experience providing web design services in Carlow and would love to ensure that you are reaping maximum benefit from your digital marketing efforts.

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