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Mailchimp Email marketing
Create. Automate. Convert.

These are the 3 steps to running an email campaign, and all 3 can be achieved with a single tool: Mailchimp. The Mailchimp email marketing platform is designed for you to grow your small business in Kilkenny… and on your terms.

When you use a ready-steady-go email platform like Mailchimp, you don’t have to start from scratch. Mailchimp is user friendly.  From templates and tutorials, you can control your marketing every step of the way. As a web design company in Carlow, we can provide these pivotal services, assisting with the integration into your website, making it even easier to use.

So, what kind of conversion opportunities does Mailchimp offer?


1) Relationship building: Customers want to hear from you via email up to 3-times a week. This challenges many a small business in Kilkenny in that it demands different kinds of content. Without marketing know-how, it can become difficult to keep content consistently appealing.

2) Revenue boosting: Abandoned cart emails is one of the most effective ecommerce strategies to increase your orders. You can do this with Mailchimp email marketing, even if you need a little help setting it up from a company providing WordPress web design services. (Incidentally, orders go up by some 70% when sending 3 abandoned cart emails over a single email).

3) Lead nurturing: Special offers and incentives are common with email marketing. However, apart from sharing, your emails are a lead nurturing not a lead generating exercise. Mailchimp is very clear on this point. Unsolicited emails are not permitted – you must have permission from the recipient.


The Mailchimp email marketing platform gives you the tools to deliver mails consistently, as per your marketing schedule. Your company may be blessed with savvy admin staff that will have no problems mastering the list management, A/B testing, and scheduling side of things. If you don’t have the resources, a WordPress web design services from Green Apple Design can be a great help. Remember that you’re likely be sending multiple emails a week, so automation is essential.


Just like you bounce off a website within seconds if it doesn’t immediately offer what you are searching for, recipients will delete boring or irrelevant emails.  Unless your company has a writer with marketing experience, and a designer, you might find it difficult to get the content right, or to tweak it quickly in response to your Mailchimp analytics.

3 Benefits of Mailchimp email marketing

If you do your Mailchimp email marketing right, your business in Kilkenny can expect these 3 benefits.

1) Reach: Given that 99% of consumers check their email every day, you get to reach people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2) Influence: No matter how much digital marketing you are investing in, you’ll always be on the back foot if you don’t include email in your marketing mix. Emails influence the purchase decisions of over 50% of recipients.

3) ROI: The stats tell us that for every €1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of €42.

How to make Mailchimp work for your business

It’s much cheaper and easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. But, consumers lose interest very quickly. If they receive boring emails from you, they’ll unsubscribe. If they don’t receive regular, relevant emails, they’ll forget about you.

The challenge with email marketing is to dispatch a regular stream of compelling and relevant content to a growing list. Even though the Mailchimp email marketing platform is designed for ease of use, not every business has the resources or time to use it effectively.


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