Ten Reasons to Keep Updating Your Website

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A great website is an important part of any online marketing strategy. After all, your website is a modern day store / brochure / directory listing and in a lot of cases the website is the first impression your potential customers will have of you and your business.
Regardless if you are providing a product or service, operating a business of any size without a solid digital marketing strategy will yield inconsistent results. Your website should be working at its maximum in order to attract clients and win their business.

In general a good web design should last about 2-5 years before needing a refresh and make use of the latest technology and design. This doesn’t mean you have to scrap everything and start from scratch, you will however have to do some evaluation on what works and which areas could do with improving engagement.

Here are some of the main points worth considering

1. Design
Having a website that looks dated, provides an inconstant experience on different devices could spell trouble for potential customers who will associate your business as out of touch

2. Security
These days its not uncommon for even major companies to suffer hacking of their systems. Websites are the same, do you want to experience the pain, embarrassment and potential financial burden to clean up of a hacked website? Is your website loading over encrypted https to safeguard your customers data?

3. Evolve
Your business will never be the same as it was 2 years ago so why should your websitewebsites need to advance and adapt to best represent your current business

4. Expand
There is always scope for additional functions and features on your website to help your business grow. We’ve often seen situations whereby a simple feature added to a website can have a big impact on how it performs. Automating tasks on your website can potentially save time and money for your business.

5. Performance
Can your potential customers find your website on major search engines like google? Are you getting the maximum sale to lead conversion on your website?

6. Broken
Websites and the software that are running them can sometimes break or become redundant without the necessary updates. When was the last time you had an audit on your websites – contact forms checked or had a broken link checker test done?

7. Compatibility
Is your website mobile compatible and if so, how well does it load in the latest web browsers?

8. Competitors
Your key competitors have all launched new, bigger and better operating websites, how does your current website compare?

9. Change
Your business has evolved and you have new products / services to promote. Do you wish to change your digital marketing strategy?

10. Speed
How quick your website loads is critically important factor in how it will succeed. Running the latest technology will allow us to drastically improve loading page times.

If any of the above strikes a chord, why not call Green Apple Design today to make an appointment in our Carlow office on 059 9120508 or email hello@greenappledesign.ie We would love to hear from you and provide any help with your website or branding needs.

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